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Created by Hendrix Gullixson and Aedric Donovan, Vesten REcords is a digital RECORD label based in Madison, WI.



Vesten's mission is to tap into the potential of underrepresented artists from the Midwest as well as other artists around the world. We look to elevate musicians and the passion of their work beyond the local level.

Our work is based on the model of putting the artist first - making it easier for them to produce and release music with as little interference as humanly possible.

It defeats the purpose of being an artist if there are so many restrictions within the process of pursuing your craft and inspiring others. 

This is a record label that is a music community away from the industry.

We prove these ideals with 100% creative freedom and constant in-depth communication with our musicians. 



Vesten is the Norwegian word for Midwest 



Vesten Records is a digital release label. By only distributing our artists’ songs digitally, we feel they will be given more notice in the streaming world. However, artists are also welcome to independently sell their music through CD and Vinyl.


In the Future

CD production is our next big venture. Within the upcoming months, Vesten is aiming to release exclusive physical media of our musicians best works. 


Thank you for your interest.

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