Aedric and Hendrix


Aedric Donovan is originally from a small town in central Illinois, until 2000 when he moved to the Madison area. He’s lived here most of his life, but has connections across the United States. After some school studying studio art and design, he began working at the Artisan Gallery in Paoli, WI. He spends a great deal of time working directly with artists and musicians as they build their careers. Aedric has great understanding with the art and music market, as well as exactly what it takes to make it as an artist in today’s world. 


Hendrix Gullixson was born in New York, and has lived in the greater Madison area since 2008. A musician by trade, but with a background in the greater media landscape, he brings his talent for finding artists, understanding of the music, and intense desire for collaboration to the label.